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What happens in royalty negotiations can have major impacts

For many individuals in the entertainment industry, such as actors or musicians, royalties can be a very important source of income. There a wide range of different contracts in the entertainment industry that can involve the payment of royalties.

In royalty-related agreements, one class of terms that can be incredibly impactful are the terms regarding royalty accounting. These terms control how royalty payments will be calculated. They often cover a wide range of different royalty calculation issues, including royalty rates. So, these terms play a very big role in what the income stream from royalties from an agreement will ultimately look like. Thus, these terms can be very important ones to pay close attention to in royalty negotiations. 

There is a great deal of variation between different media and art forms when it comes to what royalty rates and royalty accounting practices are common. Thus, when in negotiations over royalty accounting terms, it can be very important to factor in the specifics of the media/art form the royalties will be connected to when deciding what strategies to employ and what approaches to take in the negotiations.

Our firm helps entertainment professionals with royalty accounting negotiations and other matters related to royalties. We understand the incredible impacts what happens in royalty-related negotiations, such as negotiations over the royalty accounting terms of a contract, can have on artists, musicians, producers and other individuals in the entertainment industry. We have experience in handling royalty matters for a wide range of different kinds of entertainment industry professionals. We are dedicated to providing our clients with royalty negotiating services that are customized to their particular circumstances (including what particular part of the entertainment industry they are a part of and what type of media/art form the royalty negotiations involve) and that are directed towards helping them achieve their overall long-term goals.

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