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Social media poses opportunities and challenges for entertainers

Social media is a major part of today's world. The rise to prominence of social media and the Internet in general can present some valuable potential avenues for entertainers. Social media and the Internet can provide an artist, actor/actress, performer, musician, writer or other individual in the entertainment industry with unique opportunities when it comes to things like getting their name and work out there, building up a fan base and building a strong relationship with their fan base.

However, while social media and the Internet can have some significant upsides for entertainers, these things can also pose some real challenges for them. For one, the ease with which social media allows a single post to be seen and accessed by countless people all over the world means that other parties could potentially cause an entertainer great harm through social media posts

Types of social media posts by others that could cause significant harm to an entertainer include:

  • Posts containing false and damaging claims about the entertainer.
  • Posts that violate the entertainer's privacy rights by publicizing certain private information or pictures. 
  • Posts that, without proper authorization, display or distribute intellectual property of the entertainer, such as copyrighted works.

When an entertainer has been harmed by a social media or web post, it is vital for them to understand what options they have. Depending on what exactly the harmful post consists of and how the post came about, there may be legal actions the entertainer can take in response to it.

Our firm understands the major dangers malicious social media posts by others can pose to the reputation and financial interests of entertainers. We strive to help entertainers we represent address social-media-related legal problems/difficulties they are facing and to provide them with the information they need to have a clear understanding of what they can do in response to a social media post that violates their rights. 

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