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Defamation considerations: sometimes, a lot to think about

Los Angeles County is certainly an environ that has its fair share of defamation cases.

And, truly, how surprising is that?

Los Angeles is a town -- OK, a truly sprawling city, a colossus among municipalities -- that teems with high-profile personalities. Artists of every genre seek fame and fortune in Los Angeles, under the city's storied lights. And many of them find it.

Flat-out, there is no question that the city merits the moniker Entertainment Capital of the World. Movie studios are part and parcel of LA, as is Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City, Malibu and the other locales where movie stars, script writers, directors, producers and other persons connected with filmdom live, ply their trades and conduct business.

It is similar with the music industry, which has a close and lasting nexus with Los Angeles. Globally known sports franchises and marquee athletes call LA home. So, to, do scores of major corporations, as well as the business titans who steer their ships.

Entertainment rules in Los Angeles, defining the city in a fundamental way.

In such a cacophonous mixture of personalities, business deals and general intrigue, the potential for disputes on myriad fronts is, understandably, always high.

Which leads back to that initial defamation reference. High-profile people and deals tend to feature in stories that involve statements, assertions and allegations of all sorts.

Some of them are true -- and some are not. In fact, some are libelous or per se slanderous, which makes defamation-focused litigation a commonplace in Los Angeles.

Reputations can be sullied quickly in an entertainment-laden environment, which can result in the need for a public figure whose image has been tarnished or a tycoon whose business is hemorrhaging from bad publicity to seek help from a proven defamation claims attorney.

Questions surrounding defamation litigation can be many and complex, including at the most fundamental level the very question of whether to proceed with litigation or seek another solution to avoid prolonged negative publicity.

A proven entertainment law attorney can work with a client in considering all relevant aspects of a defamation lawsuit, ranging from publicity and business relationships to social media considerations and financial implications.

It is critically important to proceed carefully. As we note on a relevant page of our website at the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, "Everyone's reputation has value."

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