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No love story between Taylor Swift, Apple Music

It is likely that Apple Inc. executives are paying closest attention to the recent company-related comments of mega-star Taylor Swift, given the singer's exalted position in the pantheon of global entertainers.

Swift is obviously thinking a great deal about Apple these days, as evidenced by a message she inked to the communications giant via the social networking site Tumblr.

Swift is, well, not happy concerning a recent Apple decision, which she made manifestly clear in her recent post to company executives.

What piques the star is what has uniformly disturbed artists -- whether musicians, writers or other creators of ideas -- throughout the years, namely, forgoing royalty payments while others enjoy the intellectual property they created for free.

Swift's ire -- communicated in polite and measured terms that nonetheless convey quite clearly her discontent with Apple -- is directed specially at Apple Music, a new Apple product scheduled to debut at the end of this month. Apple Music will provide its customers with new on-demand and streamlined choices.

Swift does not object to that. What does bother her, though, is Apple's decision to give customers an initial three-month for-free period to sample the product. The company does not intend to pay any royalties to artists whose work is featured during that window.

That's wrong, says Swift, who says she is weighing in on the matter on behalf of many artists "who are afraid to speak up publicly."

Her message is simple and succinct: Pay us for our work.

"[I]t is unfair to ask anyone to work for nothing," she says.

Source: USA Today, "Taylor to Apple Music: Pay me to play me," Brian Mansfield, June 21, 2015

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