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May 2015 Archives

Don Omar sues CBS Radio for breach of contract and infringement

There are a lot of people across the nation, including many here in California, who are woefully unaware of how the law works concerning contracts and how compensation can be sought when one party believes that another has breached it. This is primarily because most people deal with written contracts where oftentimes the terms of the contract are very clear, meaning you should know when a breach has occurred.

Yes, even the NCAA requires merchandising licenses

Imagine that you're at a college sporting event, rooting for your Alma mater. Feeling nostalgic for your former school -- and wanting to finally replace your old college sweatshirt -- you make your way to the merchandise booth and purchase a new garment.

Why don't restaurants sing the 'Happy Birthday' song?

Unless you're a regular follower of our blog, then you probably are only vaguely familiar with how copyright law works when it comes to songs. For those who do not know, the writer of a song can obtain a copyright of their work once it is fixed into a medium such as a recording or even if it has been written down on paper.

What the Smokey Robinson dispute teaches us about copyrights

If you're a long-time reader of our blog, then you know we've been following the intellectual property case of Smokey Robinson and his ex-wife. As we explained in a March 2014 post, the crux of the case concerned the copyrights to several of Robinson's songs that had been created during the course of his marriage to his former wife. Both sides made compelling arguments, which pitted state marital property laws against federal copyright laws.