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February 2015 Archives

9th Circuit considers jury trial in another Avatar copyright case

As frequent readers of our blog know, director James Cameron has been at the center of several lawsuits regarding his film 'Avatar,' which was released in 2009. Outlined in a September blog post, the five lawsuits all contain claims of copyright infringement, accusing Cameron of stealing the 'Avatar' story from other artists.

A look at secondary transmissions and the risk of infringement

We've all seen them: those reruns of "I Love Lucy" or a rebroadcast of an insightful documentary. But have you ever thought about what is necessary in order to make these reruns happen? Have you ever considered whether broadcasting companies have to follow certain laws in order to avoid civil litigation down the road?

Is streaming media cutting into music industry profits?

In a June 9, 2014 post, we illustrated the complexity of the entertainment industry by talking about royalty payments that are made to singers and songwriters whenever their music is played or performed. In the post, we asked if those involved in the music industry should be able to negotiate the amount they receive from such payments, which was a question the Justice Department had only just taken up.

Cash Money Records sued for breach of contract by Lil Wayne

As we have said before on this blog, contractual agreements in the entertainment industry can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one side, a contract is often filled with complex legal language that lays out the obligations of each contributing party. Without help from a knowledgeable attorney though, it may be difficult for the average person to understand what is expected of them. This can lead to mistakes that could lead to litigation.