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Music firm makes move into California's movie industry

Some might say that now is not the best time to jump into the film industry. That's because box-office revenues here in the United States are in decline. Even movie theater attendance has hit a record low. More people, it seems, are switching to streaming media, which offers them a chance to see their favorite movies without the inflated costs of a movie theater or even a trip outside.

But while this might seem bad to some, this seems like an exciting opportunity for Richard Gottehrer and his digital music firm, the Orchard. Although Gottehrer is best known for his work in the music industry, his new ambition has been to distribute movies to consumers through streaming-media like Netflix and Hulu. Now, Gottehrer wants to shake things up in the film industry, perhaps even changing it forever.

As Gottehrer explains, the industry has long run on a system where films are released in theaters then, a few months later, released on in-home media. As our readers know, some people are unable to wait for popular movies to become available on DVD or through streaming media though. This leads some to obtain these films through the Internet, sometimes even through sites that could infringe on copyrights. Gottehrer's plan is to change that by releasing films for "home consumption and in theaters at the same time."

Although both the music and movie industry are mostly run by contracts, which shouldn't be a huge change for Gottehrer, each industry does contain its own subtle nuances that may not be apparent to newcomers. It's because of this that Gottehrer, and entrepreneurs like him, will want to seek legal representation throughout the journey in the industry. That way, a person can make sure that they are abiding by the law, no matter how complex it may get.

Source: The Los Angeles Times, "Digital music's Orchard branches into Hollywood," Ryan Faughnder, Jan. 13, 2015

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