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January 2015 Archives

Lions Gate makes push to recoup damages from hackers

For a lot of production companies in the film industry, the box office is where a bulk of a film's revenue comes from. In some cases, movies can flounder in the box office because of weak marketing campaigns that failed to generate the hype necessary to get people into the theater. But in recent times, even the best laid marketing campaigns aren't enough to stop hackers from releasing a film before it's scheduled to, oftentimes cutting into profits at the box office and later on as well.

Bill aims to create equality in copyright law across nation

"For more than 100 years, the Copyright Act has ensured that someone who owns the rights to an original work can pass them on to their next of kin. Artists inspire and entertain us and they should be able to share the proceeds of what they create with all members of their families."

Music firm makes move into California's movie industry

Some might say that now is not the best time to jump into the film industry. That's because box-office revenues here in the United States are in decline. Even movie theater attendance has hit a record low. More people, it seems, are switching to streaming media, which offers them a chance to see their favorite movies without the inflated costs of a movie theater or even a trip outside.

A well-written contract can protect your best interests

Programming has grown in scope over the last decade to reach enormous proportions. There is no longer a clearly defined television "season" as many shows take a mid-season break and start fresh months later. Further, streaming sources such as Netflix, Amazon or Hulu can add original programming at any time during the year. With the near-constant drive to produce new programming, industry professionals are always on the lookout for their next project.

How much creative control do directors have over their movies?

For a lot of people in the entertainment industry, making a movie isn't just about making a film that audiences will enjoy and pay to see, it's also about creating a piece of art. Unlike Van Gogh and Michelangelo though, movies have a number of artists who contribute to its final form. Everyone from writers to actors to special effects artists to the director all want to exert creative control over the film. After all, it's their name that will go on the final product and they want to make sure that it's something that they're proud of.

Multiple licensing agreements and the trouble they can cause

When you were a kid, you probably didn't think too much -- if at all -- about how companies were able to sell products that contained the images of your favorite television characters. Now, as an adult, you have come to realize that this was made possible by carefully drafted licensing agreements that created a partnership between licensors and licensees who worked together to profit from their partnership.