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December 2014 Archives

Protect your contract, protect your assets: a cautionary tale

When it comes to entertainers and professional athletes, there is perhaps one thing that they have in common above all else: their financial success is contingent upon their level of skill and talent. The more successful they are, the more likely they are to sign better contract agreements that provide them with better income for a longer amount of time. Having an experienced attorney at their side ensures these contracts are sound and in the entertainer or athlete's best interests.

Having a lawyer look over your endorsement deal is a good idea

From movie stars to professional athletes, there is a lot that comes with celebrity status. On top of droves of adoring fans also comes the opportunity to do more than what is expected out of a celebrity's typical day job. For many, this means doing endorsement deals that can pad bank accounts, potentially saving a celebrity from suffering a financial crisis when they reach the retirement age in their respective industry.

Brulotte v. Thys Co. and its affect on royalty payments

When most Americans think of the entertainment industry they typically think of the celebrities and businesses that work in the industry and the projects they do to keep it running. In most people's minds, there are no other parts. But if you're one of our more frequent readers, you know that there is another -- perhaps more important -- piece to the industry: the laws that govern how the industry will function.

Shutdown of Pirate Bay gives respite for entertainment industry

Over the last few decades, file-sharing websites have become incredibly popular tools for people who want to catch up on their favorite television show or listen to their favorite singer's newest album. Unfortunately though, sharing copyrighted works without permission from the creator can leave users and these websites liable for copyright infringement, which is not only considered a serious offense here in the United States but other countries as well.

Cyberattack on Sony Pictures could create possible legal issues

Just as consumers clamored for answers after the cyberattack on Target's computer system, so too may employees at Sony Pictures whose information was released recently due to similar cyberattacks. Some of our Los Angeles readers may have already heard about the attack that is believed to have been the work of North Korea, which has "repeatedly complained" about the plot of the movie "The Interview" because it jokes around with the idea of assassinating the country's 31-year-old leader.

Contract disputes and matters

There are many people in California, as well as other parts of the country, that require representation with regard to contract disputes and related matters. This includes individuals, entertainment companies, and business entities, among others.