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'Bad Judge' actress asks real judge to help with contract dispute

When an actor's career starts to take off, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to juggle their hectic schedules. To make sure that they stay on track towards success, a majority of actors enter into contracts with talent management companies. Just like any contract though, these agreements often contain legal language an actor may not understand, which is why they may need to turn to the courts for advice, especially when dealing with a potential legal dispute.

Such is the case right now for "Bad Judge" actress Kate Walsh who is requesting declaratory relief from the Superior Court of California. According to reports, Walsh's contract dispute stems from an agreement she entered into with talent management company Evolution Entertainment. But because neither side can agree on how to proceed with the issue, the actress has turned to the courts for guidance.

Per the agreement, Walsh was supposed to pay 10 percent commission on the income received for work completed during the term of the agreement. In return, Evolution was required to fulfill its end of the contract by providing services for the actress.

But Walsh claims that Evolution failed to provide the services promised in the agreement, which caused her to terminate the contract a year ago. If she terminated the contract, she would no longer be responsible for the 10 percent commission, right? Wrong, says Evolution who claims that Walsh still owes them commission.

In asking for declaratory relief, Walsh is asking the court to outline her rights and obligations and to shed some light on whether there was a breach of contract or not. It's worth pointing out that the court's declaration may or may not require her to pay the commission owed to Evolution. Thankfully, Walsh is prepared for this outcome and is willing to pay the "proper amount, if any, that she should pay to Evolution."

Source: Deadline Hollywood, "'Bad Judge's Kate Walsh Blasts Ex-Managers Over Commissions From New NBC Series," Dominic Patten, Sept. 29, 2014

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