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October 2014 Archives

Why Weird Al's parodies don't count as copyright infringement

If you're a lover of music then you've probably heard of the name Weird Al Yankovic. Known for his extraordinarily long, curly hair and talent for making the accordion look and sound cool, Yankovic is perhaps best known for one more thing: his parodies of other songs.

How do you know if you're infringing on a copyright?

When a business, company or individual is granted a copyright, that piece of work -- whether it’s an invention or a blockbuster movie -- is now protected by copyright laws that prohibit another person from using, reproducing, displaying, distributing or performing that work without the expressed permission of the copyright holder.

Confidentiality and its importance in the entertainment industry

Whether it's a television pilot or a blockbuster movie, many people within the entertainment industry would rather their projects remain in anonymity until the completed project is released to the public. Though reasons for secrecy can vary, discretion is incredibly important to many people in the industry which is why confidentiality clauses in contracts are considered crucial.

How showing a movie in class could lead to copyright infringement

Teachers in schools across the nation enjoy holiday breaks just as much as their students. Time off during the school year is valuable, meaning most teachers try not to waste it by using their time off to grade assignments and correct homework.

Case against Sony highlights complexity of royalty payments

As we have mentioned before on this blog, contractual agreements in the music industry are highly complex legal documents that often require extensive help from lawyers to draft and maintain. They outline everything from who owns the rights to a certain song to how those associated with the song will be paid. But if one party misunderstands any part of these agreements, it can lead to litigation.

UFC fighter loses Nike endorsement after brawl in Las Vegas

Form baseball to hockey, it's considered common knowledge that if you select an athletic career, you will only have a certain number of years before you "age out" of the sport. After this point, your career as a professional athlete is often considered over, meaning you will have to find alternative ways of making an income.

'Bad Judge' actress asks real judge to help with contract dispute

When an actor's career starts to take off, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to juggle their hectic schedules. To make sure that they stay on track towards success, a majority of actors enter into contracts with talent management companies. Just like any contract though, these agreements often contain legal language an actor may not understand, which is why they may need to turn to the courts for advice, especially when dealing with a potential legal dispute.