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August 2014 Archives

What is a celebrity endorsement?

If you're like many of our clients, then you may be a celebrity who has been approached by a company to endorse something for them. Whether it's to raise awareness about disease research or influencing consumer purchases, a celebrity endorsement should require serious consideration, especially because the success or failure of what is being endorsed can affect both the organization and the celebrity.

Judge orders injunction to stop piracy of Lions Gate movie

Even if you haven't read the copyright disclaimer on a piece of software or media, most people know that it is illegal to reproduce another person's work without their expressed permission. Called piracy, this form of stealing can lead to litigation and serious consequences for those who partake in it.

Disney asks court to 'let it go,' but federal judge says no

In an April 9 post we talked to our readers about the potential litigation Disney could face if both intellectual property cases it was involved in went to court. As you may remember, in one case, Disney accused a Canadian film distributor of using its advertising logos to promote another film. In the other case, Disney was accused of copyright infringement by a filmmaker who says that the "Frozen" trailer was a copy of a short film she made.

Why is the 'Big Bang Theory' renegotiating cast contracts?

When the television sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” premiered on CBS back in 2007, many wondered if the show was going to be a “big bang” like the title suggested or if it would fizzle out quickly. Much to everyone’s relief, the show has grown in popularity and is considered to be an incredible success as it pushes into its 8th season.