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July 2014 Archives

Judge 'gotta feeling' that case against musicians wasn't sound

In 2009, the Black Eye Peas released the hit “I Gotta Feeling,” further elevating the band’s status and bringing with it considerable fame and fortune. But according to a 2010 lawsuit, certain elements of the song were allegedly stolen from a 1999 dance version of the song “Take a Dive,” which meant litigation and the possibility of negative fallout for the band and its song.

How rude! Seth MacFarlane accused of infringement for Ted

Those who are familiar with Seth MacFarlane’s sense of humor were not shocked when he released the rated-R comedy “Ted” in 2012. Most people were not shocked either by the more than $500 million it grossed in box offices worldwide.

Production company sues after decade of missed money from film

Could you imagine waiting more than 10 years to see profit from a movie you helped to produce? If you said no then you wouldn’t be alone. Many people would hesitate to take such a financial risk, especially considering how fickle the movie industry can be when it comes to differentiating between a blockbuster and a flop.

'They Don't Care About Us': fan claims last MJ album was a fraud

When pop singer Michael Jackson died, many people the world over grieved the loss of such a talented individual. As some may know, there was some music that was never released. Until recently, that is, when Sony Music Entertainment released the 2010 album entitled “Michael.”