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Breach of contract accusations land 'Ghost Hunters' star in court

Legal contracts are often considered the bread and butter of the entertainment world because they not only lay out what is expected of the parties involved but it holds them accountable if they fail to uphold their end of the agreement. But as frequent readers of our blog have seen in past posts on this topic, a party to the agreement can sometimes breach a contract, which can lead to litigation in some cases.

This is certainly the case for television personality Zak Bagans, star of The Travel Channel’s hit show ‘Ghost Hunters’. A lawsuit was recently levied against him by his former agent who claims that he owes more than $305,000 in commission. A breach of contract claim was filed in California Superior Court that holds Bagans accountable for not upholding his end of the agreement, which agrees to pay the former agent 10 percent commission for deals made by the agent’s agency, Abrams Artists Agency.

The lawsuit claims that the breach occurred when a contact of Bagans’ was fired from the agency. After this time, the lawsuit contends, Bagans “unilaterally terminated the agency agreement.” Though Bagans claims that he does not owe the agency any money, the company disagrees, pointing out that payments are still owed for services rendered.

Depending on the wording of the contract, it’s possible that Bagans may have to pay compensatory damages, especially if he failed to uphold his end of the agreement. On the other hand, it’s possible --depending on the wording of course -- that the termination of Bagans’ contact at the agency cancelled his obligation to the terms of the contract. If this is the case then he may not be required to pay back the damages alleged in the lawsuit.

Source: Courthouse News Service, “Ex-Agent Sues Ghost Hunter Zak Bagans,” Matt Reynolds, May 6, 2014

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