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May 2014 Archives

Supreme Court decision helps calm 'Raging Bull' lawsuit

If there is one sentiment about Hollywood that just about everyone can agree upon it's that the film industry is a battlefield that pits artists, creators and authors against large production companies, oftentimes without much legal counsel as a buffer. As our California readers already know, without proper knowledge of intellectual property rights, a person could find it difficult to maintain creative control over their work, which can lead to contentious litigation down the road.

Schwarzenegger terminates company's use of his name with lawsuit

Some of our more frequent blog readers may remember an April post in which we explained the legal ramifications of using someone’s image and likeness, particularly that of a celebrity, without their permission. In that post we explained that a company can suffer legal consequences if it claims a celebrity endorsement when in fact one does not exist. And as our readers will soon see, this happens more often than you may think.

Breach of contract accusations land 'Ghost Hunters' star in court

Legal contracts are often considered the bread and butter of the entertainment world because they not only lay out what is expected of the parties involved but it holds them accountable if they fail to uphold their end of the agreement. But as frequent readers of our blog have seen in past posts on this topic, a party to the agreement can sometimes breach a contract, which can lead to litigation in some cases.

Former TLC founder accuses Viacom of defamation for TV movie

When the founder of the three-woman singing group TLC was let go from her contract after the group filed for bankruptcy in 1995, she upset to say the least. As she explains, she poured her heart and soul into the group and was more than shocked when the group conspired with their record label to cut her out of the contract before the first album was even released.