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April 2014 Archives

Rapper who fired manager may be liable for breach of contract

You should always read a contract before you sign it. At least that’s what all the experts will tell you. That’s because, as some of our Los Angeles readers already know, failing to uphold your obligations in a contractual agreement can result in contentious disputes and even litigation. And in the end, it may be you who needs to pay up for breaching a contract.

Licensing company finds itself in big 'Messi' over player's image

As some of our California readers know from past posts, businesses usually have to get a celebrity’s permission before they can use images of their likeness. Often done through a contract, the celebrity gives their consent to use their image such as for marketing or even for merchandise. But when the proper licenses are not acquired from company to company, litigation is almost always around the corner.

Pharmacy sued after using picture of actress without her consent

If you’re a celebrity in the entertainment industry then you know that the paparazzi come with the territory. Unfortunately this means getting your picture taken nearly every time you leave your house. But as a recent case involving actress Katherine Heigl shows, if a company uses those images without your permission and that company profits from you, then you may have grounds for civil litigation.

Disney embroiled in two lawsuits over intellectual property theft

Even before Disney released its Golden Globe winning movie “Frozen” in 2013 it was already receiving media attention. But not for the reasons some residents here in California may think. That’s because while Disney was trying to argue its claim of trademark infringement against a Canadian film distributor called Phase 4 Films, another animator was considering filing an intellectual property theft claim against Disney because of infringement against her idea.