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Tony Romo reworks contract to help Cowboys

Despite the fact that Tony Romo was born in San Diego, many California residents are not big fans of the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. However, it's hard to dispute the fact that he has grown into one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League.

Romo recently restructured his contract with the Cowboys to ensure that the team does not take a big step over the salary cap. In fact, this move will help the organization create $10 million in cap space.

According to sources, the team has plans to convert his $12.5 million of his $13.5 million base salary into a signing bonus. As a result, his cap figure will turn $10 million to $11.773 million.

Last year, Romo signed a new deal with the Cowboys, extending his contract six years with $55 million guaranteed. At the time, the team knew what it was doing, originally designing the contract with the idea that it could be restructured in the second year as a means of freeing up cap space.

Along with Romo, the team also restructured the contracts of Orlando Scandrick and Sean Lee.

In the world of professional sports, contract negotiations are always taking place. This story shows just how creative teams can be in an attempt to free cap room, allowing them to make moves for other players.

Athletes and entertainers are always faced with decisions like this, so getting the assistance of a qualified attorney can help them navigate the process without any worries about making the wrong decision.

Source: ESPN, "Cowboys rework deals, near cap" Todd Archer, Mar. 04, 2014

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