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January 2014 Archives

Licensing agreement better than litigation for tech companies

In the technology world, it is not uncommon for two companies to get tied up in litigation due to a variety of issues, ranging from patent disputes to defamation. While this has proven true many times over the past few years, some companies are beginning to realize that it is better to cooperate with each other than fight.

Monster turns to endorsements to win over consumers

In today's era, more consumers than ever are following in the footsteps of celebrities and sports stars when it comes to the products they purchase. While some companies don't have enough money to bring celebrities on board, others rely on this to push sales and profits to new heights.

LuAnn de Lesseps has a new contract on

Contracts in show biz can be complex, but they can also be negotiated to fit one's lifestyle - especially if a celebrity's popularity can draw a crowd. In the entertainment industry though, you might need a good negotiator on that contract, and your attorney will need a good eye to ensure every little detail is covered and in writing. The detail missed could be the one that costs you.

Duck Dynasty merchandise still on the shelves

The Duck Dynasty reality show became a quick and solid hit series in 2013. It seemed to touch that part of the public that wasn't the usual "Hollywood-loving" crowd. Hunters, rednecks, down-home country folks - at last they had a reality show that was more "their" reality. But then Phil Robertson made those controversial statements in a GQ magazine interview that just weren't "politically correct." His remarks were considered defamatory by some people regarding homosexuals, African Americans and Muslims. Some others, though, felt he was just speaking his mind with no malice intended.