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Celebrity under fire for weight loss endorsement

Celebrities should be careful when they endorse products. Some products are going to be more controversial than others, especially products that claim to produce results of one kind or another. Weight loss supplements are one of those products.

It doesn't matter if a celebrity lives in California or New York when it comes to endorsing products. The products are going to be used all across the nation and maybe even the world. Celebrities would be wise to consult an attorney who specializes in entertainment law for advice before endorsing any products.

An endorsement contract is legal and binding, and once signed, the endorser is tied in for the length of the contract. If the product gets bad publicity, the endorser may be blamed or seen as dishonest. Negative press is not usually a good thing for celebrities and can be damaging to their career.

"Snooki" Polizzi, a former "Jersey Shore" star, is being accused of being a liar in a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn regarding the dietary supplement known as Zantrex-3. Snooki has been advertising the product with claims that the supplement is responsible for her small and fit physique. The supplement claims to burn fat, and Snooki says it provides results and keeps her motivated, according to OK! magazine.

Snooki also has her picture posted on magazines and other advertisements for the product. In addition, she is a new mom and recently lost weight to get fit for her role on "Dancing With the Stars." She has many fans who pay close attention to her weight loss and fitness recommendations.

The lawsuit, which is filed by a Long Island resident, claims the supplement produces no results except lightening your wallet. The product sports claims of "546% more weight loss than #1 selling Ephedra." The plaintiff says she saw no results at all.

Snooki was giving credit to Zantrex for her fitness before she finally admitted that she was being paid to endorse the supplements. That admission reduced her credibility to those who tried the product and saw little or no results. She has been accused in the lawsuit as portraying herself as a fitness expert.

Source: Snooki’s fat-loss pills are a big fat ‘lie’, "nypost.com/2013/12/18" Selim Algar, Dec. 18, 2013

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