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October 2013 Archives

Van Halen sues ex-wife for trademark infringement

Intellectual property laws may not seem like something the band Van Halen would be into but a recent lawsuit filed by the famous rock band shows why different types of groups and organizations should understand how intellectual property laws can protect their best interests.

Lawsuit claims breach of contract over 'Trouble with the Curve'

What makes a story? You have characters, a narrative, maybe a climax and a denouement. But behind the craft you have a creator, the writer, and maybe you even have a real-life story on which the fictional one is based. In the entertainment business, all of these factors can be linked specifically to a contract, and that means there is the potential for dispute.

New contract approved for Los Angeles Philharmonic

California residents who follow national orchestral news know that reaching a contract agreement is not always easy. When management and musicians cannot agree on salaries, orchestra halls can wind up sitting empty and unused for months or longer. Fortunately, the Los Angeles Philharmonic seems to have found a way to avoid that conflict.