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Ventura, defendant disagree over defamation trial's location

Throughout life, the idea that it is much easier to fall than it is to rise can hold true in my aspects. This is especially true when it comes to reputation. Many individuals, especially those in the public eye, have worked hard to build a solid reputation in order to be successful. And when that reputation is knocked down by erroneous claims, it can be very hard to rise again.

Los Angeles residents may have heard about one such situation that’s playing out in the public eye. Jesse Ventura, a former governor and wrestler, has filed a defamation lawsuit against the estate of a deceased Navy SEAL named Chris Kyle. The lawsuit stems from a book Kyle wrote, which included two pages about a fight that he allegedly had with Ventura in a bar. Kyle claimed that Ventura was bad-mouthing SEALs, the war in Iraq and then-President George W. Bush, which prompted him to punch Ventura in the face. Ventura says these events never happened.

The lawsuit has necessitated a trial, which is scheduled to start in 2014 in Minnesota. But recently, Kyle’s widow, who is the executor of his estate, asked to move the trial to Dallas because of the inconvenience of participating in the trial while being a single parent. Ventura and his legal team say moving the trial to Dallas would be an inconvenience for him, since Kyle is known as a ‘hometown hero’ in Texas.

This case is understandably riddled with extensive media coverage and opinions on both sides of the debate. While some criticize Ventura for pursuing a lawsuit against the widow of a veteran, Ventura’s filing explains that the book publisher’s insurance company will likely be the party to pay any damages awarded in this case and has also been paying for legal fees.

Source: DallasNews, “Jesse Ventura doesn’t want defamation suit against Chris Kyle moved to Dallas, where slain sniper is a ‘hometown hero’,” Robert Wilonsky, Sept. 4, 2013

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