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September 2013 Archives

Reality show producer sues for breach of contract

The entertainment industry in Los Angeles is known for being cut throat and backstabbing, and it's not just the people on screen that portray these characteristics. Producers in Hollywood can also be at odds with each other, and a recent lawsuit shows just how devious those working in the industry can be. 

Merchandising efforts promote city pride

For many companies, one of the first methods used to promote the business is through merchandising. A nice end cap at a department store or an airport kiosk, or a more notable placement during a primetime Hollywood television show are all great ways to attract consumers and draw them in to make a purchase of the product. However, it is not just popular labels, such as your favorite diet soft drink or running shoe, that is concerned with merchandising. Some cities are also seeing what funds they can generate by selling and promoting their regional swag.

Ventura, defendant disagree over defamation trial's location

Throughout life, the idea that it is much easier to fall than it is to rise can hold true in my aspects. This is especially true when it comes to reputation. Many individuals, especially those in the public eye, have worked hard to build a solid reputation in order to be successful. And when that reputation is knocked down by erroneous claims, it can be very hard to rise again.

Entertainers may need help with endorsement contract disputes

Of course, entertainers get paid for making appearances on the stage, screen or field, but many of them also maintain other sources of income. Obtaining an endorsement deal can be a way to develop and improve one's public image. Not only that, it can be a very important and reliable source of additional income.