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Decades old comment causes backlash for Queen of Butter

The fallout from statements admittedly made decades ago continues for Paula Deen, the "Queen of Butter." While the cook received some criticism about her decision to withhold a Type 2 Diabetes comment -- despite her love of the use of butter in most of her southern inspired recipies -- it was nothing like the controversy that was recently created after an employment dispute brought to light racial statements the star made years ago.

Paula Deen has been a predominant face of Food Network for years, but the cooking channel recently dropped the chef from their line-up as well as a spokeswoman for network appearances. That isn't the only company that has ended their relationship together. 

Deen's battle with Type 2 Diabetes actually helped her obtain an endorsement contract with a pharmaceutical company that produced a diabetes drug. Novo Nordisk no longer wants the baker to promote the drug Victoza, ending a $6 million contract with "mutual" agreement. 

Other relationships that have changed include Caesars Entertainment, which took Deen's name out of several restaurants; QVC removed her products from current sale schedules but said that they would remain open for the future; Target, Home Depot and Wal-Mart are phasing out the star's merchandise; Smithfield produces ham that will not longer make sales through use of her image on the packaging. Other product pulls came from J.C. Penney, Sears and Walgreens. 

In the entertainment world, image plays a big role. It is not always clear why some actions do and don't lead to the end of a relationship,  but contract agreements say a lot. Termination of existing agreements is a common basis for the need to seek counsel from an attorney in California who deals in entertainment contracts and litigation that could arise from their terms. 

Source: abc News, "12 Companies That Have Cut Ties With Paula Deen," Alexis Shaw, June 29, 2013