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July 2013 Archives

Decades old comment causes backlash for Queen of Butter

The fallout from statements admittedly made decades ago continues for Paula Deen, the "Queen of Butter." While the cook received some criticism about her decision to withhold a Type 2 Diabetes comment -- despite her love of the use of butter in most of her southern inspired recipies -- it was nothing like the controversy that was recently created after an employment dispute brought to light racial statements the star made years ago.

Judge dismisses William Faulkner copyright infringement suit

Quite awhile ago, we told Los Angeles readers about the copyright infringement suit that the estate of author William Faulkner had filed over the use of a line of Faulkner's in Woody Allen's successful 2011 film "Midnight in Paris."

PBS expands streaming deals with Netflix, Amazon

Los Angeles fans of the hit costume drama “Downton Abbey” know that on that show, someone is always planning (to put it politely). Whether it is the incorrigible grandmother trying to line up a suitable beau for one of her granddaughters or an uppity servant trying to leave the country estate and make it to the big city, it seems like there is always a plot of some kind going on.