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Former boyfriend/manager sues Shakira for $100M

Would Shakira be where she is today -- a bestselling recording artist, star of "The Voice" and concert superstar -- if she had not had the help of her now-ex manager and boyfriend?

The answer to that question is a very expensive case "he said, she said."

The former manager and boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, alleges that he is to thank for developing the Colombian singer into a worldwide name and has filed a $100 million lawsuit in California against her for terminating their business relationship.

(He had previously filed a $250 million lawsuit on the same grounds in New York, but withdrew that lawsuit so he could properly file it in California.)

Shakira counters her talent alone is to thank for her success. She has filed a lawsuit of her own, alleging that de la Rua misappropriated $3 million from her.

de la Rua has filled his lawsuit with claims that he helped Shakira land some of her most lucrative deals, such as a 10-year, $30 million contract with concert promoter Live Nation. However, what seems to be really at issue in this contract dispute is whether Shakira and del a Rua ever had a business agreement in the first place.

Both sides admit that they never had a written agreement, but a writing is not, strictly speaking, necessary (though it is always a good idea). It is possible to have an agreement even if there is no writing to commemorate it.

Shakira and de la Rua are going to have to parse out whether their relationship was strictly romantic, strictly businesses or some combination thereof, and both will have to offer support for their arguments that there was (de la Rua) or was not (Shakira) a business agreement in place.


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