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What were 2012's most-pirated movies, TV shows?

The tech website TorrentFreak recently released lists of the most-pirated TV shows and movies for 2012.

As just about everyone in Los Angeles knows, Internet piracy is a real threat to film and television studios; if people are not paying to watch movies and TV shows, then the companies that make them are not going to have any revenue coming in. Unauthorized use, reproduction and distribution of media also violates the media creator's copyright.

Last year, the most-pirated television show was HBO's fantasy series "Game of Thrones." That was followed by Showtime's "Dexter," "Breaking Bad" and "Walking Dead," both of which are on AMC. 

We noticed that the top-five most pirated shows all came from cable channels that require a subscription. This seems to suggest fans have found ways to avoid paying for what they want to see.

Interestingly enough, the most-pirated movie wasn't "The Hunger Games" or "The Avengers" -- it was "Project X," a movie you probably didn't catch during the brief period it was in theaters.

"Project X" was very popular overseas, and that's where most of the illegal downloads occurred. Besides "Project X," most of the top illegally downloaded films were Hollywood's biggest hits, such as "21 Jump Street" and "The Dark Knight Rises."


We noticed this story because we practice entertainment law and intellectual property law, so an issue that touches on both topics is of interest to us. To learn more about what we do, we invite you to visit the Intellectual Property page of our website.

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