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Actress alleges sexual harassment on TV show set

Hollywood and sex have a very complicated relationship.

When we say that, we mean that sex is often glamorized and romanticized in style magazines, movies and television shows. What isn't often highlighted are the accusations of sexism, sexual harassment or sex discrimination that pop up from time to time.

Recently, an actress sued HBO, Time Warner, Cinemax, and production company True Crime LLC, claiming that she was "bullied" into performing nude scenes and that the on-set environment was dangerous and rife with sexual harassment.

The actress and the show have not been completely identified. In court papers, the actress is referred to as "Anne G." A prominent entertainment industry publication inferred that the show involved is Cinemax's "Femme Fatales."

Among Anne G.'s claims:

  • Her role as originally contemplated did not feature nudity or sex, but after she signed on, "rewrite after rewrite" required her character to perform scenes feature both.
  • During nude scenes and simulated sex scenes, the set was not closed to everyone except for essential crew, which is a measure union rules demand.
  • The producers made derogatory sexual comments towards her, creating an uncomfortable work situation.

Anne G only filed her lawsuit recently, so we do not know how it will turn out. Regardless, if she was indeed sexually harassed, we think she is to be commended for standing up for herself and condemning conduct that is inappropriate.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, "Actress Sues Cinemax After Being 'Blindsided' by Sex Scenes," Alex Ben Block, Dec. 11, 2012

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