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December 2012 Archives

In California court, 'Hunger Games' mockingjay pin center of copyright dispute

Lionsgate Films, which is making the movie adaptations of "The Hunger Games" series, recently filed suit in California federal court against a company that it alleges is violating its copyright.

Do Instagram's controversial new terms of use violate user's copyright protections?

The 100 million people who use Instagram are struggling to understand the photo-sharing service's new terms of use and many of them are deciding that they are uncomfortable with it.

Hips don't lie, but does Shakira's former manager? Ex-boyfriend sues for $100M

Any lawyer in Los Angeles will tell you it is very important to get an agreement down in writing. It is not that you do not have options if you do not have your agreement formalized, but everything is much easier and more clear if you do take that last step and get a contract in writing.