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'Innocence of Muslims' actress: I was duped into working on film

If you were an actress and were hired for a Western, you would probably be quite upset when that "Western" turned out to be "The Innocence of Muslims," the immensely controversial YouTube film that has led to violent demonstrations in the Muslim world.

That's what one actress is alleging happened to her. She said that the producers of "Muslims" did not reveal the true nature of the project to her and that she was aghast by how "grotesque" and offensive the final product was. She has said that the vehemently anti-Muslim content was added only after her parts were filmed.

She also alleged that she has lost work because she is now affiliated with the film and has said that her family has received death threats.

In her lawsuit, she asked YouTube to remove the film and said that by allowing viewers to continue to access the film, YouTube's parent company Google was violating her right to use her own image however she liked.

However, a judge dismissed her lawsuit because it seemed she was unlikely to "prevail on the merits." That means the judge did not think the lawsuit made a very good legal case for itself and would be unlikely to succeed. The actress' attorney said she will continue to seek a permanent injunction that will prevent the film from being shown.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, "Judge Rejects Actress Request to Pull 'Innocence of Muslims' from YouTube," Matthew Belloni, Sept. 21, 2012

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