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ASCAP in action: organization goes after alleged wrongdoers

Pay if you play.

That is the bottom-line take of the venerable American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, a nonprofit organization that has been safeguarding the rights of musical copyright holders for more than a century

A public figure’s marketable personal tale merits legal protection

The lives of some well-known individuals are flatly so notable and even intriguing that someone should write a book about them.

Well, in fact, that often turns out to be the case, right? Bookstores in California and across the country have shelves replete with biographies and other works featuring high-profile figures.

Spotlighting the relatively young music-royalty fund industry

Long-term institutional entities that invest in mutual funds and other savings vehicles are obviously always looking for attractive growth opportunities. That is especially true when they are making a “link up with us” pitch to potential customers.

So what they are eyeing presently?

Perhaps an unaccustomed perspective: paparazzi as victim

A recent Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman blog post squarely spotlighted what a number of people might reasonably take a moment or two to wrap their minds around.

Namely, that is this: paparazzi suing the celebrities they photograph for their subsequent use of such photos, which were taken without the well-known person’s permission in the first place.

Fashion model sued for copyright infringement

This story comes with a twist. Most high-profile news reports involving a celebrity and allegations of unlawful use typically feature the well-known individual as a victim.

In a “typical” case, that person might file a lawsuit against another individual or commercial entity for unlawful use of a protected work, misappropriation of a name or image or other unapproved use of closely held proprietary matter.

Analyst: Peloton’s IPO is tinged with IP-infringement concerns

Business analyst to online exercise/fitness class company Peloton: Your upsides are impressive, but don’t underestimate some sizable risks as you prepare for your company’s impending initial public offering.

If you’re into fitness, you likely know about Peloton. The commercial start-up has experienced heady success since its inception. Its streaming services enabling users to access interactive workout programs with accompanying music have become globally popular.

Ariana Grande to fashion company: stop stealing from me

Many employees of Los Angeles-based fashion retailer Forever 21 are likely fans of pop icon Ariana Grande. The singer is immensely popular, with a legion of fans who buy her music and follow her on various social media platforms.

Based on recent legal developments, it’s safe to safe that, while Grande might appreciate her popularity among a contingent of Forever 21 workers, that appreciation doesn’t extend to their employer.