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Analyst: Peloton’s IPO is tinged with IP-infringement concerns

Business analyst to online exercise/fitness class company Peloton: Your upsides are impressive, but don’t underestimate some sizable risks as you prepare for your company’s impending initial public offering.

If you’re into fitness, you likely know about Peloton. The commercial start-up has experienced heady success since its inception. Its streaming services enabling users to access interactive workout programs with accompanying music have become globally popular.

Ariana Grande to fashion company: stop stealing from me

Many employees of Los Angeles-based fashion retailer Forever 21 are likely fans of pop icon Ariana Grande. The singer is immensely popular, with a legion of fans who buy her music and follow her on various social media platforms.

Based on recent legal developments, it’s safe to safe that, while Grande might appreciate her popularity among a contingent of Forever 21 workers, that appreciation doesn’t extend to their employer.

Music streaming giant sued even in wake of protective law

It has been termed “a major copyright lawsuit that challenges the underpinning of the landmark Music Modernization Act.”

The legal complaint filed in a federal court on August 21 by music publisher Eight Mile Style against the audio streaming company Spotify certainly seems to qualify as such.

Appeals court in Led Zeppelin IP case: lower tribunal got it wrong

You’ve heard the song. Everybody’s heard the song.

Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is akin to an Exhibit 1 offering as to what defines a classic song in the rock genre. Stairway is instantly recognizable to scores of millions of listeners from its very first notes.

Decades-long estate battle re iconic author's works gets ... longer

It's complicated.

Ultimately, though, the protracted and acrimony-laced estate battle playing out in federal courts hardly seems unusual, given the identity of the principal and related nature of the subject matter.

Pop superstar out a wad of cash after copyright infringement verdict

Thursday of last week marked a good day for Christian rapper Marcus Gray.

Gray – better known by his professional moniker Flame –perhaps celebrated with family and friends later that day.

Long-running suit pitting Disney, TV show principals settles

An immediately notable point about protracted Walt Disney Company-linked litigation for individuals who note such things is that material developments occurred every other year for some time.

Producers of the hugely successful television comedy show Home Improvement (which aired for nearly a decade) and related entities first sued Disney back in 2013. That entertainment colossus owns rights to the show.

Kim Kardashian: don’t even think about misrepresenting me

Kim Kardashian to global online fashion company: Your attempted exploitation of my name and likeness was sorely misguided.

The irony of that sought piggybacking on the commercial gravy train that spells Kardashian is clear enough, given the moniker of the fashion retailer recently locking litigation horns with the top-tier celebrity endorser.

Celebrity’s business empire alleges “colossal accounting scandal”

We prominently note a singular point concerning the intersection of the entertainment realm with brand/marketing activities on a web page of our experienced Los Angeles entertainment law firm. We stress at the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman that “all parties involved should have guidance from lawyers with extensive, relevant experience.”

Arguably that didn’t occur when negotiating principals from rap mogul Jay-Z’s vast business empire inked a commercial deal with a brand management company some years.