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Huge song-linked copyright infringement claim settled

A copyright lawsuit filed nearly two years ago prominently featured a bottom line underscoring a notably hefty figure.

To wit: a songwriter’s $300 million compensation claim tied to an alleged rip off of his work.

Iconic car the focus in protracted intellectual property spat

More than a few viewers of the classic 1989 film Back to the Future think that the star of the movie is not an actor but, rather, a design.

They rest their claim specifically on the contours and ultra-distinct appearance of the legendary DMC 12. That vehicle featured prominently in the box-office smash. It was made by the DeLorean Motor Company, which subsequently declared bankruptcy.

Singer’s widow, surviving band members embroiled in royalty spat

We note on our entertainment law website at the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman that the passing of a loved one “who created a legacy in any art form can lead to many complex financial questions and legal concerns.”

Just ask Vicky Cornell.

Is there a standard method/calculation relevant to royalty payments?

An instantly clear answer to the above-posed headline query in today’s blog post might be gleaned from just a quick scan of the multiple tomes devoted to royalty disputes that appear on shelves at legal bookstores.

Collectively, they underscore this: Royalty-linked disagreement is – and always has been – at a seismic level in the realm of artistic performance. Rights holders in products ranging from movies and screenplays to books and music have clawed back for decades – indeed, centuries – against alleged wrongdoers seeking to unlawfully infringe their creative rights.

Major music provider sued for infringement, royalty nonpayments

Global media services company Spotify is a music colossus. It is known especially for its platform that allows users to access songs from a virtually limitless catalog via its so-called “streaming” platform.

That comes with a fee, of course, with Spotify dutifully passing along royalty payments to copyright holders of streamed music.

What is concern with the so-called “affiliate marketing industry?”

The affiliate marketing industry might facially sound like an innocuous and unobjectionable realm, but a lawsuit recently filed by two entertainment industry A-listers stresses otherwise.

Here’s what it is: the online playing field for industrious individuals and companies that earn commissions by directing Internet browsers to select e-commerce sites. Major commercial players (just think Amazon) rely heavily upon the efforts of affiliate markets driving traffic to their websites.

What is the Mechanical Licensing Collective, and what does it do?

Musical insiders will likely deem last Thursday a seminal moment for the music royalty industry. A statement issued in concert by two principals on November 14 referred to a contractual outcome concerning a top-tier concern as “a landmark achievement for every facet of the music industry.”

The focal point of what is now stirring strong interest and excitement in the vast music industry is on music revenue management, specifically the agreed-upon system for distributing royalties.

One phase of Spinal Tap’s IP litigation settles

Harry Shearer played the bassist in the iconic and much-beloved film “This is Spinal Tap,” a movie that retains vast global popularity decades after its 1984 release. Spinal Tap – a film about a fictional British rock group – continues to be a cash cow from myriad marketing standpoints.

Shearer and his fellow Tap actors are of course well aware that cash registers continue to ring in connection with the film’s continued play, its soundtrack and licensing/merchandizing ventures. In fact, Shearer and his movie mates have assumed roles as litigants in recent years in multi-phased litigation that charges defendants with wrongdoing and seeks restoration of lucrative intellectual property rights surrounding the film.

ASCAP in action: organization goes after alleged wrongdoers

Pay if you play.

That is the bottom-line take of the venerable American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, a nonprofit organization that has been safeguarding the rights of musical copyright holders for more than a century