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Kim Kardashian: don’t even think about misrepresenting me

Kim Kardashian to global online fashion company: Your attempted exploitation of my name and likeness was sorely misguided.

The irony of that sought piggybacking on the commercial gravy train that spells Kardashian is clear enough, given the moniker of the fashion retailer recently locking litigation horns with the top-tier celebrity endorser.

Celebrity’s business empire alleges “colossal accounting scandal”

We prominently note a singular point concerning the intersection of the entertainment realm with brand/marketing activities on a web page of our experienced Los Angeles entertainment law firm. We stress at the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman that “all parties involved should have guidance from lawyers with extensive, relevant experience.”

Arguably that didn’t occur when negotiating principals from rap mogul Jay-Z’s vast business empire inked a commercial deal with a brand management company some years.

Taylor Swift preaches contractual protection to young artists

Taylor Swift is not happy with recent developments concerning a major portion of her extensive musical catalog. Close followers of Swift -- and there are hundreds of millions of those, right? -- know that angst in her personal life often yields new output from the writer/singer, so a new song regarding her current discontent certainly can’t be ruled out.

Neither can her propensity to air personal piques online in a way that garners immediately mammoth media attention.

What’s with the recent SCOTUS ruling on copyright protection?

We duly note at our long-tenured Los Angeles entertainment law firm that the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman routinely confronts intellectual property concerns “at all levels of complexity.”

Indeed, challenges of seemingly every type and dimension arise in the broad-based work we do advocating for valued and diverse participants within the entertainment sphere.

Music conglomerate rolls out new royalties-linked features

A recent media article underscores the “often opaque royalty systems of music publishing.”

Those systems have been long-entrenched and extremely frustrating to legions of artists who are never quite sure concerning the details surrounding airplay and owed royalties linked with it.

Temporary thaw cited in writers’ guild, talent agencies’ dispute

It is termed in a recent national media piece as “the first sign of a thaw between warring parties.”

The spat, which became a full-fledged entertainment industry debacle a month-plus ago, is not about anything typically linked with the central subject matter or spoils of war.

New music licensing group’s path to power comes with some criticism

The Music Modernization Act is unquestionably a big deal. A recent article on the MMA describes the federal legislation as “the first major update to U.S. law in a generation.”

What the MMA centrally provides for is the establishment of a nonprofit group commanding broad industry support to act as digital licensing authority. That organization is slated to oversee and collect royalties owed songwriters and copyright owners whose works are featured on musical streaming services.

Late-night comic denies joke stealing, settles with plaintiff

Make no joke about it; It’s no laughing matter to iconic late-night comedian Conan O’Brien when you accuse him of stealing stand-up material.

That’s exactly what another comedian did back in 2015, accusing the Late Night host and his staff of pilfering a number of copyrighted jokes from his blog and Twitter account. Although a recent NPR article chronicling the dispute notes its spotlighting of “low-dollar-value creative work,” O’Brien has obviously taken the matter seriously since the joke stealing was first alleged.