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How will Netflix respond, fare following Disney announcement?

People familiar with the adage, "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger" might reasonably think that it commands relevance presently to the somewhat squirmish situation that massive subscription company Netflix finds itself in.

And that is this: The Walt Disney Company, which has long supplied Netflix with highly popular movies pursuant to various licensing agreements, announced last week that it intends to stop doing so in 2019.

Actor opens up about series contractual dispute, moving on

Here's a preliminary and bedrock point to note in any blog post prior to its focus upon a high-profile contractual dispute relevant to a top-ranking television program: "The business side of the entertainment industry can be extremely challenging to navigate."

That quote comes courtesy of a webpage discussing actors' representation at the well-established Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman in Los Angeles.

"Girl Meets World" star introduced to world of contract disputes

You might have food items in your refrigerator that are older than Sabrina Carpenter was when she landed her first acting role. She was just 12 when she was cast in an episode of "Law and Order." The star of the Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World" series is now 18.

She has just been introduced to the often complex and contentious world of contract disputes. Her former music managers are suing her for breach of contract and restitution for commissions they say are owed following their dismissals three years ago.

Madonna settles invasion-of-privacy case with website publisher

Most people who have followed pop megastar Madonna's storied and decades-long career know that she is, well, a material girl.

They also know that she's a big girl, meaning that she has always taken fairly well the constant onslaught of would-be invaders of her privacy, whether they be paparazzi hiding behind bushes, cameras attached to drones, zoom lenses sticking out the windows of helicopters fluttering over her properties … whatever.

Comedy rapper just wants users of his creativity to play fair

At first blush, Brendan Richmond seems about a universe away from being the type of person who looks at the world narrowly and in a humorless fashion. Rather, Richmond -- who is a described Canadian "comedy rapper" -- seems more immediately akin to a gentle soul who lives life with an essentially laid-back and laissez-faire attitude.

That doesn't mean that he's gullible or a pushover, though.

Olivia de Havilland sues makers of 'Feud' for misappropriation

"There was never a rivalry like theirs. For nearly a half a century, they hated each other, and we loved them for it," says Olivia de Havilland's character in the FX cable pseudo-documentary "Feud: Bette and Joan."

The line seems a bit too on the nose to be real, and the actual Olivia de Havilland claims she never said anything like that. In fact, the two-time Oscar winner complains that the series falsely portrayed her as a "petty gossip."

After long wait, famed Beatle settles copyright dispute with Sony

Anyone who knows anything about the Beatles (obviously, that's a large demographic) knows well of course that more than a few coins are involved with the band's prodigious and time-honored output.

The Beatles' place in musical history is similar to something like Mount Everest's placement among mountains, with everything about the band being flat-out preeminent.

After they've passed: the enduring power of select celebrities

When it comes to personalities such as Elvis, Prince, James Dean, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe, notes a recent Forbes article, don't refer to them as "dead celebrities."

Call them "timeliness icons."

What is poaching, and is it common in the entertainment industry?

Imagine for a moment an executive in the entertainment industry who makes hiring decisions regarding high-level employees. That person spends a lot of time, energy and creative thought in securing the best talent available to help drive business profits and success in an industry that is centrally marked by an intense competition among rivals.

How might he or she feel upon learning that a competitor has reached out to and is engaging in close conversation regarding new opportunities with a prized employee?