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Smaller theaters take on "800-pound gorilla" in antitrust lawsuit

Putting it in a way that even a child could easily understand, some aggrieved parties are merely asking a bigger playmate to share the toys.

And it won't, they say, which has now driven an ongoing dispute to a federal courtroom, where several comparatively small theaters that showcase independent films are seeking an injunction and money damages in a case that pits them against a far larger rival.

No banana jokes here, just an infringement lawsuit

It's certainly true that seeing someone dressed in a banana suit on Halloween hardly qualifies as news. A recent banana-themed article (we concede that there aren't many of those) points out that people across the country collectively spend about $3.4 billion on costumes for October's seminal party evening. And, reportedly, more than a few quid of that massive outflow goes toward banana costumes.

Indeed, notes the Chicago Tribune, "there are all sorts of banana outfits out there," which might account for a bit of confusion among many readers as to why the popular costume would become the focal point in an intellectual property infringement lawsuit.

College sports programs and their marketing use of athletes

Student athletes who play football for the Ohio State Buckeyes know what it's like to be accorded superstar status on a campus where the gridiron is almost a church of sorts.

Unquestionably, Division 1 football in Columbus is a major draw, with the Buckeyes aura additionally extending to all corners of the state and in many pockets across the country.

Watching the marketing moves of an L.A. sensation

Lonzo Ball and his Big Baller Brand have something in common: neither has appeared on an NBA court in a game that counts. For Lonzo, it's just a matter of time until the Los Angeles Lakers are led onto the hardwood by their prized rookie. It's assumed that his first step into the league will be with feet decked out in this Big Baller brand shoes.

But it won't be the shoes that were not long ago introduced to the public with fanfare by the hoopster's dad. That model has already been scrapped. Instead, Big Baller has rolled out a replacement shoe before pre-paying customers even had their initial orders filled.

Hugely popular Walking Dead conflict-ridden behind the scenes

A recent media report states that huge entertainment company AMC "has been hit with two pretty major blows" relating to its tremendously popular cable TV show The Walking Dead.

The first figurative punch struck by series creator Robert Kirkman was notification that he will not work further with the entertainment company on any new work product.

Material litigation developments announced re famed author's works

Ultimately, a federal jury in a Los Angeles courtroom sided with the story told by the executor for the estate of Elaine Steinbeck, the deceased third wife of famed American author John Steinbeck, in a prolonged legal dispute pitting the estate against Steinbeck's son and daughter-in law.

Although the dispute between the parties was long, notably vitriolic and facially complex, it essentially boiled down to a single contention, namely this: the estate's claim that the defendants' bad-faith actions over many years unlawfully interfered with the opportunity to promote the author's legacy through new adaptations of his already famous works.

Los Angeles Times, Olivia de Havilland, at 101, gears up

Ironically, what is presently playing out in the California courts regarding differing opinions relevant to a highly popular television miniseries could ultimately make for a story even more riveting than that Hollywood product itself.

The gloves are clearly off, as evidenced by a lawsuit followed by the plaintiff's amended complaint, the respondent's motion to strike, an impending opposition to that motion and a late-September court hearing.

Pay me what you owe me, demands Science Guy of Disney

Bill Nye is a person who is accustomed to objectively making analytical assessments based on dispassionate scrutiny of empirical evidence.

He is, after, the exalted "Science Guy" who made that realm of learning fun, zany and educational for a generation of Americans ranging from kids to seasoned adults on a long-running and immensely popular PBS show.

Marketing lesson: a high-profile name won't always sell the product

Maybe makers of athletic shoes should take a breath and reduce things to simplest terms.

It might actually come down to one pointed and self-directed question, namely this: Do we want to seek profits by using high-profile entertainment industry endorsers to pitch pricey products, or might it be a safer bet to align other carefully selected endorsers with lower-priced goods?

How will Netflix respond, fare following Disney announcement?

People familiar with the adage, "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger" might reasonably think that it commands relevance presently to the somewhat squirmish situation that massive subscription company Netflix finds itself in.

And that is this: The Walt Disney Company, which has long supplied Netflix with highly popular movies pursuant to various licensing agreements, announced last week that it intends to stop doing so in 2019.