Financing of Legal Fees Now Available

In an effort to help more people afford quality representation, the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman now has a relationship with ePay Management which will allow our clients to easily seek financing of legal fees.

ePay Management provides a multi-lender platform that immediately delivers financing offers directly to you after you complete the initial application for up to $40,000.00. Credit scores as low as 600 are eligible on terms of up to 60 months, with interest rates based upon your income and credit. This can result in low monthly payments even in cases involving substantial legal fees.

All that is involved is a quick initial online application with an immediate response of offers from up to 11 different lenders. Submitting the application to qualify does not affect your credit score.

Funds come directly to you so you can pay your retainer for legal fees and have the representation you need for a payment you can easily afford. Once you receive your loan, you will then pay the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman its agreed-upon retainer within 48 hours after receipt of funds.

Please call the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman at 310-557-0062 and explain your matter to us so we may mutually determine the desire to represent you, at which time we will give you the link to access the initial online application.