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The role of websites and social media forums in influencing public opinion today is undeniable. A single post — accurate or otherwise — can reach millions in minutes. Separating the truth from propaganda and outright malicious attacks is a challenge for even the most educated consumer. Assessing whether someone's legal rights have been violated through online activity is also a complex matter.

Defamation Lawsuits · Intellectual Property And Unfair Competition Claims

At the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, we combine decades of experience in matters of alleged defamation with extensive knowledge of evolving Internet privacy statutes and legal precedents. Mr. Rothman has been defending prominent entertainment industry clients' reputations with skill and tenacity for decades. Our team of attorneys has wide-ranging business litigation experience in both California state and federal courts.

Actors and musicians, other aspiring entertainers, professionals, and businesses must protect their reputations. This includes responding effectively to information published about them via blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other Internet media. In some cases, it means taking legal action because the material published or broadcast is false and harmful. Other online posts may justify civil lawsuits for copyright infringement, fraud, unfair competition or other unlawful acts.

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Our attorneys will offer personal attention to your concerns involving:

  • Material published on the Internet about you, your company or your products that is false and damaging, yet presented as fact
  • Unauthorized use (or creation or modification) of photographs and other forms of invasion of privacy on the Internet
  • Whether you may be held liable as a website owner/proprietor for material that you published or that users placed on your site

Any questions involving First Amendment rights to free speech and what constitutes defamation, libel, slander or other actionable wrongs call for thorough, informed analysis. For a free consultation with a lawyer at our results-focused firm in Los Angeles, call 310-557-0062 or contact us online.