Los Angeles Royalty Accounting Negotiation Attorneys

In any licensing, production, distribution or other agreement involving an artistic performance, how royalties due to the licensor will be calculated and paid are critical considerations. Royalty rates vary widely across art forms and media. Accounting methods, deductions and other specific terms of the contract must be thoroughly analyzed.

At the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman in Los Angeles, California, we have many decades of experience representing artists, creative professionals and companies in royalty negotiations. In addition to providing personalized, attentive counsel when seeking favorable agreements, we have the trial experience to handle royalty litigation and other complex financial disputes.

Full-Service Representation In Contract Negotiations And Royalty Disputes

Our team of lawyers brings together many decades of experience in high-level entertainment law matters and general business consultation and litigation. Clients rely on us for:

  • Drafting, review and negotiation of all types of entertainment contracts and agreements, with emphasis on royalty accounting negotiation when needed
  • Clear, honest counsel based on our understanding of how each client defines success
  • Spotting of issues and opportunities to maximize clients' financial returns while keeping other critical goals in view
  • Aggressive advocacy in any matter involving alleged nonpayment of royalties, underpayment, fraud or other acts of deception

Whether you are a musician, actor, producer or stakeholder in a production company, you will find experience relevant to your needs at our firm. We serve clients from all over the world with interests in the L.A. area and the global entertainment market.

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