Los Angeles Entertainment Transaction Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, we provide legal counsel and service for entertainment transactional matters. Our experienced Los Angeles entertainment transaction lawyers represent creative talent and production companies throughout a diverse range of entertainment fields and remain committed to protecting our clients' rights in entertainment law agreements.

For more than 35 years, our firm has built a strong reputation among our clients and the legal and entertainment communities in Los Angeles. We offer personal attention to our clients and understand their unique, individual issues and the best options for resolving those issues. We are interested in our clients' definition of "success."

Providing Skilled Legal Services for the Entertainment Industry

Over our many years of providing legal service to clients in the entertainment industry, our Los Angeles entertainment transaction lawyers have seen many instances where performers and production companies have found themselves in trouble due to improperly drafted agreements.

Whether you are a performer or a production company in TV, film, music, theater, radio, or other entertainment industries, protecting your work, your finances and your creative control are essential elements to being successful in the entertainment industry. By drafting agreements and contracts, including confidentiality agreements, non-circumvention agreements, and intellectual property agreements that are legally sound, you can ensure that your expectations will be met and your goals will be achieved.

Our job is not simply to write out an agreement. It is also to educate our clients on the legal process so that they understand how it works and can protect themselves in the future. When our clients are faced with entertainment disputes, the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman also represents clients in entertainment law litigation.

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