Los Angeles Intellectual Property Attorneys

Protection of your creative works as a performer or the proprietary information and brand image of your company has never been more challenging. With advanced technology at everyone's fingertips and instant Internet communication always available, theft and misuse of intellectual property are extremely common.

Clear, Practical Counsel · Extensive Infringement Litigation Experience

At the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, we assist many individual and corporate clients with registration of copyrights and trademarks — and our attorneys have extensive experience litigating complex intellectual property disputes. Our practice is balanced between advocacy for entertainment industry clients and businesses in a broad range of other sectors.

Our legal team recognizes that serious damage can be done quickly when your intellectual property is misappropriated and used unlawfully. We respond quickly and decisively to inquiries involving entertainment law or any need for experienced business consultation and litigation. Applying decades of experience in analyzing alleged intellectual property crimes, our lawyers can provide:

  • Comprehensive advisory services when developing and negotiating development and production agreements, licensing agreements and other contracts granting access to your proprietary material
  • Thorough evaluation of likely outcomes and recoverable damages in cases of alleged copyright infringement, trademark infringement, unauthorized use and other intellectual property violations
  • Focused, effective representation in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration proceedings, or in a California state or federal courtroom if that is the best path to resolution for you

Knowledge Across The Spectrum Of Intellectual Property Rights

We are prepared to confront intellectual property concerns at all levels of complexity, including cases involving breach of an employment agreement, unfair competition or fraud. Long-standing clients ranging from prominent actors and musicians to business owners and stakeholders turn to our Los Angeles, California, law firm with confidence.

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