Los Angeles Entertainment Litigation Lawyer for Companies

The Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman represents corporate clients in Los Angeles and across the nation in entertainment matters, whether it be consultation, negotiation, or litigation. We handle litigation in state and federal courts nationwide.

The founder of our firm, attorney Barry K. Rothman, has served the legal needs of entertainment corporate clients for over 35 years, including more than five years as corporate counsel for Warner Bros. Records. Mr. Rothman is joined by esteemed attorneys Kristal Marie Gunn, Gordon Zuiderweg, Alan Walcher and Gregory S. Boyte.

A Law Firm Representing Show Business Clients

Together, our attorneys and experienced staff form a powerful legal team that aggressively pursues clients' rights. We are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers who have a proven record of success in and out of the courtroom.

In addition to our firm's history of successful results and accolades, we are driven to provide quality legal service that is responsive to the unique, personalized needs of each client. Due to our firm's size and flexibility, we have the ability to give personalized legal service that a larger firm may not be able to provide.

Experienced Attorneys Serving the Entertainment Industry

If you are an entertainment company seeking legal assistance, we are pleased to offer our assistance. To contact our office in Los Angeles, California, call us at 310-557-0062. If you have a question and wish to contact a lawyer by e-mail, feel free to contact us.