Los Angeles Defamation Claims Attorneys

Everyone's reputation has value. When an entertainment professional's public image or a company's brand is attacked, the damage done may be quick and extremely harmful. When allegations of defamation, slander, libel or similar offenses arise, it is essential to promptly seek legal counsel with extensive, relevant experience.

Prosecution And Defense Of Defamation Suits · Internet Invasion Of Privacy

At the Law Offices of Barry K. Rothman, we have a balanced, long-standing entertainment and business law practice. Our lawyers are known for providing effective representation for actors and musicians, writers, producers, and business owners who are facing or considering defamation litigation. Our capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Evaluating controversies over whether published or broadcast material was false but presented as fact
  • Assessing potential defamation claims based on all types of media activity, including social media and blog posts that may constitute invasion of privacy
  • Unauthorized use of a copyrighted image, work or mark
  • Unfair competition and theft/misuse of intellectual property
  • Alleged breaches of various contracts, including development and production agreements, life story rights agreements, or noncompete/nondisclosure agreements

Balanced, Informed Legal Guidance From Experienced Litigators

The decision to pursue a defamation lawsuit or similar action is a complex one. Factors such as extending negative publicity and possible severance of important business relationships must be considered alongside financial issues.

Highly experienced, trial-proven attorneys at our Los Angeles, California, law firm, have the knowledge to analyze your concerns and offer clear direction. We deliver a premier level of focused, personalized attention aligned with each client's definition of success. To request a free consultation focused on your unique entertainment or business law concerns, call 310-557-0062 or contact us online now.